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Here are the latest changes and information concerning pricing, services and delivery of reports.

Updated Thursday July 04, 2013


Adding New Web Access for Staftrack Members. Everything you wanted and more.

If you are an existing customer please help us  serve you. 
Be sure to e-mail Douglas Johnston  at with updated e-mail addresses for all processing and billing contacts.

We will begin accepting on-line payments for invoices soon.


Keep up to date with Mvr State Fees.
Click here for Pricing and Turnaround

NEW SOFTWARE (Wintrack 3.4)
***Wintrack 3.4 is now available***
We would like to see all Staftrack, Inc. Customers update to the new software ASAP.
Wintrack 3.4  is now downloadable from this site. Please call Doug Johnston
for your user name and password and download instructions. A demo is available at

redcheckF0F6.gif (953 bytes)   New Features Include.
1.  Enhanced security - capability for setting up multiple Users with 128 bit dez encryption
2.  Enhanced communications - both internet (FTP) or dial up. If your phone or Internet is unavailable you
     can switch from phone to internet or vice versa.

3.  Enhanced ordering - will allow users to change order status and even flag employee status eliminating
     re-entry  task

4.  Enhanced report processing - will give users the capabilities to e-mail or fax results anywhere form within
     the  program.

5 . Enhanced sorting, searching and printing capabilities.
6.  Instant access to several new products both current and archived information.
7.  E-mail or Fax capability ( ability to e-mail or fax reports )
8.  Enhanced Data entry control for fewer no hits and faster turnaround (a more intuitive and informative
     approach for entering request)
9.  Added functionality for distribution of reports. This provides the capability for large customers and
     resellers  distribute reports  more rapidly to other departments, offices or customers.
10.  And much more...!

Contact us at 800-275-2966

  *** Updates

Over the past 15 years Staftrack, Inc has worked hard to keep cost as low as possible. 

Quebec Driving Records are once again available. We are one of only a few vendors able to get these records at this time.  Clients may obtain the most current required release by contacting the Staftract Data Center at 800-275-2966.

Ontario Driving Records are now available within 48 hours if ordered before 5:00 pm. Standard release signed by driver is required.

There have been some changes to the state fees in a few different states. Please make a note of these changes.  The new state fees are in effect as of 08/01/2009.

For any additional information on these changes please contact Douglas Johnston at
Ext 225.   Current Pricing and Turnaround Schedule

Driving Records (MVR's)
Oklahoma state fee August 1st is now $27.50
                                  Ohio state fee is now $5.00
                 South Dakota state fee is now $5.00
                New Jersey state fess is now $12.00
                        Vermont state fee is now $14.00
                             Florida state fee is now $8.10 for a 3 year report
                                                                       $10.10 for a 7 year report

Manual Processed MVR's

The states of Washington and Pennsylvania have new state required release forms to be used.  We are in the process of getting these forms updated on our website.  If you would like a copy of these forms sent to you contact  Douglas Johnston at  800-275-2966 Ext. 224. 

The requirements for requesting District of Columbia driving records have changed.  We now must send in a legible copy of the drivers license with the request as well as a signed generic release form.





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