Choose Responsibly !

Staftrack, Inc., its officers and employees are insured for Errors and Omissions for up to one million dollars. Proof of insurance is available to Staftrack Customers upon request, many of our vendors and retrievers now are insured as well. Due to recent changes in legislation concerning dissemination of information, the increased risk and liability in our opinion has made it impractical to conduct business reliably and responsibly without this added protection. Information in this economy and in society as a whole has become essential for success. Bad information can be devastating to business performance. At Staftrack, Inc. we continuously strive to improve processing techniques. Where agencies or repositories are restricted from disseminating information, the information is coded or even incomplete. We go the extra mile to inform and educate our customers.

No matter who you choose for your information needs, be sure to ask for proof of liability and Errors & Omissions Insurance, after all it is your business.


Thank you !
Douglas W. Johnston
Staftrack, Inc.

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