Full Membership Service Agreement with StafTrack, Inc.

Staftrack, Inc. and ______________________ ("Member") enter into this agreement for
services  on ____________, 20 ___.   "StafTrack" and "Member" shall include within
each term as used herein, the agents, representatives, and employees of each respective
1.  StafTrack agrees to provide the Member access to all services now provided, and
     additional services that may be offered in the future, under the terms and conditions of 
     this agreement.  Generally speaking, these services will include providing to the
     Member, at the Member's request, the following information with regard to specific
(a.) Motor vehicle records (e.) Insurance claims reports
(b.) Employment history (f.) Credit Reports
(c.) Criminal record background  (g.) Education background
(d.) Driver performance information
2. The reports provided with this service are for the sole use of the Member and may
     not be   resold, sublicensed, or revised in any way without the express written consent
     of StafTrack. Member warrants that any requests made for reports are requested
     only for establishing a person's eligibility for new or continued insurance,  licensing,
     employment screening, or otherwise in with a legitimate business need in connection
     with a business transaction involving the consumer. Member further warrants that
     they have complied with all provisions of the Fair Credit Act, Privacy Act, or any
     other applicable State or Federal laws and that signed releases (where required) are
     maintained on file in the Member's office.
3. The Member agrees to keep all information provided by StafTrack absolutely
    confidential, except as required by law.  Further, except as provided by law, all
    information provided the Member by StafTrack will not be revealed to the person
    on  which the information was requested or to any other person or entity.  All
    information will be requested for use by the Member only, and the Member
    agrees not to request any information on on behalf of anyone not directly
    connected with the Member. The Member further agrees to the following.
1.)  When using the information for employment purposes, the Member will    
       (a.) Disclose to the applicant that a consumer report will be ordered.
       (b.) Obtain written consent before ordering any reports.
       (c.) Show the applicant any reports that may cause the Member to deny
              the job or take adverse action before you take that action.
       (d.) Provide the applicant with the "summary of rights" notice.
       (e.) Not violate any applicable Federal or State equal employment
               opportunity law or regulations.
2.)  When refusing to hire someone based in whole or in part based on information
       provided by StafTrack, the Member will:
      (a.) Notify the applicant of the "adverse action"
      (b.) Provide the applicant the information or use our Failure to Hire
            Notification letter
      (c.) Notify the applicant of his right to obtain a free disclosure within 60 days
            and to dispute the record(s)
4.  Staftrack agrees to keep all information obtained on behalf of member strictly confidential except
     where otherwise required by law or described and provided in paragraph 5 PERFORMANCE
5. PERFORMANCE HISTORIES: Member may furnish a performance history on each
    of its terminated employees on a form supplied by StafTrack for storage by StafTrack
    in its file system. StafTrack agrees to store termination information records provided 
    by a Member in the file system for retrieval by Member and others, subject to the terms
    established by StafTrack.   StafTrack agrees to give the Member a service credit
    for each termination record  furnished by the Member and used by StafTrack to
    service other members.  It is  understood that termination records are the property of
    the Member and that  StafTrack's responsibility is solely that of custodian.
6. The Member agrees to indemnify and hold harmless StafTrack, its affiliated companies,
    others from whom StafTrack may obtain information on behalf of the Member, and their
    officers, directors, employees, and shareholders from any and all damages and losses,
    claimed by the Member or any third party, which result from or arise out of incorrect
    data or information provided by the Member, or the use, misuse, or misappropriation of
    the information provided to the Member by StafTrack. This convenient shall survive the
    end of the relationship between the Member and StafTrack.
7. The Member further agrees to provide StafTrack in a timely manner such requests for
     disclosure and/or such informational releases as are necessary  in the sole discretion .
     and opinion of StafTrack
8. Douglas W. Johnston hereby grants to customer, for the term hereof, a personal,
    nontransferable, nonassignable and nonexclusive limited license to use 1 copy of the
    object code to Info Tracker and Mvr Tracker report processing programs. The
    software will be used solely for the purpose of processing customer's reports pursuant to
    this agreement. All right, title and interest in the Software shall at all times be owned by
    and be the property of Douglas W. Johnston the author of the programs. Customer shall
    not sell, assign, pledge, lease, transfer, license, sublicense or in any way encumber the
    software or this agreement. 
9. Member acknowledges that the Software embodies unique, confidential and secret
     technological information and is the trade secret and confidential proprietary property
    of Douglas W. Johnston.  Member promises and agrees not to disclose or otherwise
    make the Software available to any person other than employees of Member required
    to have such knowledge for normal use of the Software. Upon termination of this
    agreement, Member shall not use the Software and  shall return the original and all
    copies of the Software within 30 days after such termination. Time is of the essence
    in return of the Software.
10. The Member agrees to provide to Staftrack in a timely manner such requests for
       disclosure and/or such informational releases as are necessary and required in accord
       with the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) the DPPA (Driver Privacy Protection Act)
       the GLB (Gramm Leach Blyley Act) and the IRSG(Industrial Reference Service Group)
       in the sole discretion  and opinion of Staftrack.
11. The Member agrees to pay for the services provided and for information obtained from
       StafTrack in accord with the published fee schedule of StafTrack. All rates are subject
       to change at any time and become effective during the billing period following   
       notification.  StafTrack agrees to provide 30 days written notice of any price changes 
       except in the vent StafTrack would suffer unreasonable loss by not adjusting prices
       to make prompt before the 30 day limit.  StafTrack will invoice the Member monthly. 
       The Member agrees payment of all invoices within (15) fifteen days of the date of any
       invoice.  Failure to pay the entire balance of any invoice due StafTrack by the Member
       within (15) fifteen days of date of invoice will result in a later charge of 1-1/2% per
       month on any unpaid balance.
12. This agreement may be terminated by Member at any time with 20 days written notice.
       Member agrees, however, to pay promptly and timely any and all sums due and payable
      to StafTrack.  StafTrack agrees to provide the Member with 30 days notice of
      termination or amendment of any and all services except in the event StafTrack would
       suffer unreasonable loss by not discontinuing or amending such services.
13. Communication between StafTrack and Member shall be to the addresses and
      telephone numbers affixed to this agreement unless otherwise stated in writing to the
      other party.
14. This agreement is the entire agreement between StafTrack and the Member. This
      agreement is not transferable by either StafTrack of the Member without advance
      written consent by the nontransferring party.
15. This agreement is subject to and intended to comply with any and all state and federal 
       laws and regulations. No modification of this agreement shall be effective unless it is
       in writing and signed by both StafTrack and the Member or by their authorized agents.
16. If any paragraph, part, term, or provision of this agreement shall be held void, illegal,
      unenforceable, or in conflict with any law or of a federal, state, or local government,   
      having jurisdiction over this agreement, the validity of the remaining portions of
      provisions shall not be affected thereby.
17. This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Florida. Any action to enforce
       or interpret this agreement must be brought in Clearwater, Pinellas County, Florida,
       and the prevailing party in any such action shall be entitled to recover attorney's fees,
       including such fees incurred on appeal.
18.  Signature Guaranty _____(Initial here and Authorized Signature Below in
        consideration of the services provided or to be provided by Staftrack, Inc.
        to the Member hereby jointly and severally guarantee the payment of all
        amounts now due or which hereafter become due to Staftrack by the Member
        and further Guarantee the full performance by the Member of its obligations
        to Staftrack, Inc. under the Service Agreement).
19.  Initial the form of security you wish to use to establish your account.
        1) Deposit based on estimated use  ______
        2) Credit Card Debit _____ (Initial here and complete Late Invoice Debit on
              Payment Authorization Form)
        3) Credit Card Debit _____ (Initial here and complete AutoDebit on
            Payment Authorization Form)
Member's or Co. Name  _________________________________
City, State and Zip
Federal ID or Social Security Number
Authorized Agent (Print or Type)
Authorized Signature (Title)

__________________   _____________
Telephone                               Fax  

StafTrack, Inc.
PO Box 1133
Largo, Florida  33779
Phone  (727) 581-3603
Fax      (727) 581-3725

Staftrack, Inc (Authorized Signature)

1. Agreement   
2. Affidavit of Intended Use
3. Credit Reference Form

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Last revised: July 04, 2013