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Motor Vehicle Records (MVR)

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Total Cost = State Fee Plus StafTrack Service Fee (See Rates and Schedule Below)

Volume (Requests Per Month)

StafTrack Service Fee

0 to 500

$3.75 each

Over 500

Call for Pricing

1 Hour MVR's are available for  Florida and Lousiana.

Call for Pricing

**California Statute requires all "End Users" to obtain a 
   California Requestor ID  from the California DMV and place a
   copy of the ID Form on file with their vendor "Staftrack, Inc. 
   before permitting access to California State Driving Records.

Worker's Compensation Reports

StafTrack Info Tracker program will conduct a computer search of Worker's Comp reports in the following states OK, FL.  Requests in by 5pm EST are back by 12 noon the next day. Manual processing is done with twenty nine additional states, but they generally require a longer turnaround and a signed release. See Fee Schedule and Turnaround for details.

Criminal Reports

Currently, statewide criminal reports are available from 32 states. County court records are generally available in all 50 states. Fees will vary - see Fee Schedule and Turnaround for details.

Credit Reports

Employment Insight Report

$10.00 each

Social Security Search

$6.00 each

Address Update

$6.00 each

Standard Credit Profile   (Not for employee screening)

$10.00 each

Education Verification

Work Verification & Reference Checks $10.00 per employer/reference
Occupational License Verification $10.00 plus state fee per license
Verification of Military Discharge DD214 $10.00 each.
Nationwide Wants & Warrants $10.00 each.




Includes 2 or more from list.
Commercial Credit Report: Used to evaluate applicants ability to pay and pay history. $8.00 each. $10.00
Name & Address Search: Reveal additional addresses usfull in verifying application. $4.00 each. $6.00
Previous Tenant Inquiry: Check Previoust tennants for late payments, misconduct and evictions. $6.50 each. $8.00

Above reports may be ordered individualy or design your own  package:

Total Cost  for
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Rates and Schedules

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