Work Record Verification (WRV)

StafTrack has compiled an automated computerized data base containing thousands of verified work histories records.

Report Contains:

Employee Status

Type of experience; Equipment operated

Reason for leaving; Rehire status

Number of Accidents

Required Information for Report:

Full Name

Social Security Number

References' names, addresses, and phone numbers


One to five business days

Notes on WRV:

StafTrack will issue a $3.00 credit for each Work History record contributed to the Data Base. Credit is extended on records for the past five years. Each Work History Form must be completed and signed by the employee's supervisor or company representative in order to receive credit. Records may be updated by an authorized representative.

Credits may be used to offset charges for records retrieved from WRV Data Base, In short, if you contribute one Work History Record, you can receive one Data Base Record for a nominal fee of $7.00.

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Last revised: July 04, 2013